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Sculpts Your Entire Body in Only 7 Minutes a Day
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Shapely Secrets — University Tested
5X More Effective In university studies, the Shapely Secrets 7 Minute Workout was found to be
5 Times More Effective at working the muscle than conventional weight lifting. That means you would have to spend 30 to 35 minutes at the gym to get a comparable workout! Shapely Secrets can sculpt your entire body in only 7 minutes a day.
Burton Goldberg
has written 15 5-star
rated books on health
and weight loss. "Greer's program is a real breakthrough because you're standing still, motionless, and yet you're still exercising. The studies at the universities showed that this system works your entire body. In each exercise position, you're
Dr. Burton Goldberg
4 to 6 Muscles at the Same Time working 4-6 muscle groups
at the same time. The net result is that Shapely Secrets works your muscles 5 times more efficiently than lifting weights. That's why it only takes 7 minutes rather than 30 to 35 minutes."