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Time Is Precious
We all live busy lives, and finding time to workout
and exercise seems to always be the lowest priority.
Even though we all know how important it is to
exercise, time is almost always our biggest reason
as to why we don’t. I completely understand this,
because as a mother of three, there is always
something going on that competes for your time.
After my third son, I found myself overweight and
at a size 14/16. I think I tried just about everything
known to mankind (and womankind), and I only
ended up in frustration. Until, I resolved to develop
my own 20-minute a day program, a
program that I could stick to each day
because it did not compete for my time.
Using this program, I was able to thin
down to a size 4/6.

That was over 20 years ago, and I am still a size 4/6. This year,
I turned 61 and you know what? Life is still busy and time is still
just as difficult to find. I can only imagine what today’s mothers
must be facing in their busy lives. Well for those who know me,
you know that my main focus is providing you with programs
that are fast, effective and don’t take a lot of time. Well now, I
have taken this to a whole new level with my 7 Minute Workout,
that uses my new innovative Motionless Exercise™ techniques.
It provides you a total body strengthening program targeting all
the major muscles in your body. So you can firm, tone and
define a shapely more slender body. Best of all, you won’t
need any equipment.

Greer Childers
Creator of BodyFlex & Shapely Secrets

About Greer Childers
As a mother of three, Greer Childers understands juggling a busy life while struggling with weight. After reaching a size 14/16, at age 38 she developed her own 20 minutes a day program to slim down. Since then, she’s been sharing her amazing weight loss secrets to women everywhere. Over the past 20 years, millions of women have learned Greer’s secrets and have transformed their lives. Today, at age 61, Greer has taken her secrets to an all new level in developing her new program called Shapely Secrets™.

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